We normally shoot at least six different looks for a customer, with a selection of backdrops to suit. To do this, taking into account your preferences and our wealth of experience, we select appropriate items for you from our amazing collection of unique and designer clothing and accessories. We have over 500 fabulous items, which we are constantly adding to and updating as we believe that great clothing and props are vital to achieving a professional result. We have something spectacular for everyone - whatever their size, shape or colouring. We try to create as many unique looks as possible rather than just repeating the same for every client, although we find customers often say 'Oh, that looks great on the lady in that photo - can I have one just like that!' ...

Larger ladies coming to us tend to prefer mostly head and shoulder photos and ask us to minimize their size. Clever draping and posing can produce flattering images with no double chins visible. One lady we photographed was a dress size 26, but she said that in her mind she was a size 12 and wanted us to photograph her as she perceived herself. We skilfully managed to produce some very slimming images for her and she ended up a very happy lady indeed.

Just a few of the looks we find popular are business woman, model girl, casual, soft and white, leather/denim jacket, lingerie, evening in Paris, vamp in black, exotic, fur coat Hollywood style, the twenties flapper, and the latest - 'The Matrix.' The choice is truly endless, but our stylist can certainly create something that reflects your personality and is uniquely you.

Of course a vitally important element to achieving great photographs is the skill of our makeup artist and hairdresser who will get you ready for the camera. Your best features will be cleverly enhanced, but after your photos are taken any imperfections that you don't like, commonly wrinkles, or perhaps a discoloured tooth, these can be corrected or minimized with our 'Glamtouch' digital retouching.


To produce the flawless complexions that our photographs are renowned for we expertly apply makeup which is far heavier than normal makeup, but the end result will be that it looks fresh and natural in your images. We also put a great deal of importance in getting the eye makeup just right, as the eyes are definitely the window to the soul. We can create the latest looks you see in magazines, but of course we are always guided by you as to what effect you'd like, either bold and dramatic or more subtly enhanced.

At the photo-shoot you don't have to know how to pose or have any ideas. We show you exactly what to do, guiding and encouraging you through. All you need do is just enjoy it! Our aim is to capture images of you with flattering facial expressions which will show your true spirit. We take poses of you looking at and away from the camera, serious poses and happy smiling poses truly reflecting who you really are. A true smile is a very special thing. It can only ever come from the heart and is impossible to fake. When customers choose their photographs, often they may select a more creative photograph to adorn their own wall, but choose 'smiley' photographs for parents and family, so by taking a selection of poses and expressions you can choose photographs for every eventuality - enough to last an entire lifetime!

About a week after your photo-shoot we arrange an appointment for you at our Studio to view all your photographs. This normally lasts about an hour. You will have a good selection of about 50 photographs to choose from in colour and black and white. Special effect cross-process photographs may also have been taken. We show you all the different options and special value packages available, and guide you in making the best choice. You may bring along friends and family to help you choose if you wish.