Upon arrival at our luxury studios you are greeted with a cup of coffee and in a relaxed consultation, we go over any ideas you may have and find out your reasons for having Glamshotz.

We can then decide upon the type of looks we are going to create for you. Most of our clients are women and we do have an all female team, so ladies need not feel shy or embarrassed during their session. It is a sign of the times that we're getting more and more requests from men wanting Glamshotz, not just for their wives but for themselves, after all they're entitled to have great photos too! For privacy reasons, we schedule their photo-shoots on different days to the ladies.

A makeover and photo-shoot normally takes about three hours and costs $175. However, we do have special 'Glamathon' Sessions from time to time which are held over a specific four to five day period. These are two-hour streamlined sessions at a greatly reduced shoot fee, so appointments are highly sought after! No photographs are included in any of the makeover and shoot fees and single photographs start at $130. We have a selection of great value photo collections which are extremely popular. Gift vouchers are also available, priced from $175.

People decide to have Glamshotz for many reasons. Often they say to us it is because they have never, ever, managed to get a good photograph of themselves and would like to be able to give their loved ones something special, showing them looking their radiant best. Other reasons may be because they are wanting to mark a milestone in their life, perhaps a 'big' birthday or often to spark up their love life - with a long existing partner, or to impress a new one! Then there are many who decide to have a makeover session purely to boost their self esteem and to feel good about themselves. Isn't it every woman's innermost desire to look and feel beautiful? One lady commented, 'my husband smokes and goes fishing on his boat - I'm having my Glamshotz!'