Life today is so visual and competitive. We are constantly bombarded with digitally enhanced images of perfect looking people staring out at us from every level of media. No wonder the majority of us feel somewhat inadequate and not quite good enough. Because most photos we tend to have taken are just snapshots, probably rushed and usually from bad angles, we feel unphotogenic, when really it is because we haven't been professionally made up and photographed with the right equipment and expertise, as is available to celebrities and stars.

Here at Glamshotz we can offer the ordinary person the 'Star Treatment'. Our professional team of qualified makeup-artist, hairdresser and creative photographers can create images that show you as you have always wanted to see yourself.

Glamshotz's photography style is refreshingly different. We do not believe in stereotyped glamour poses but prefer a style which more resembles a fashion portfolio mixture of full length, half length and close up photos, although essentially the choice is yours of what you reveal or conceal. Our aim is to create stunning, vibrant images worthy of gracing any high fashion magazine, for all our clients. Age and size is no barrier to getting fabulous photos, so there's no need to go on a starvation diet beforehand.

Every person we photograph is entirely unique and we work with them to bring out the essence of who they truly are in their photographs. A person can have 7000 different facial looks, so it's crucial in a photoshoot that we bring out an individual's very best looks, which can only come from that person feeling happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves. It is truly remarkable to see the change in our clients from when they arrive for a makeover session to when they leave. From initially, nervous and apprehensive, they leave our Studios feeling very special indeed, with their self esteem running sky-high, and that's even before they see any of their photographs! Viewings normally take place one week after the shoot.

Established in 1997, Glamshotz Studios are based in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, and are run and managed by Linda Palmer, a multi-award winning photographer with eight years professional experience, who is also renowned for her stunning creative wedding photography. Owing to the success of Glamshotz over the last six years and overwhelming demand by clients, more studios are planned to be opened within the next two years.